2020 Programme

Day One: Producing in Lockdown

09:20 In conversation with Tania Alexander
Tania will be sharing exclusive insights into how production on Channel 4’s Gogglebox continued despite challenges posed by the pandemic.

Chaired by:
Jake Bickerton, Editor, Broadcast TECH

Tania Alexander, Director of Factual Entertainment, Studio Lambert

10:00 Broadcaster panel

Hear case studies on how different broadcasters responded to the Covid-19 crisis. This session will focus on how, almost overnight, all broadcasters were forced to establish entirely new, complex remote production operations, and work with production companies to create new, compelling content in the most challenging of circumstances.

Chaired by:
Chris Curtis, Editor in Chief, Broadcast

Mohammed Akhlaq, Chief Technology Officer, ITN
Morwen Williams, Head of UK Ops, BBC News
Katherine Gumeniuk, Senior Director, Sky Sports

11:00 Post-production panel
Find out about the impact of the pandemic on the post-production sector. Hear how post facilities had to overhaul their services from office-based to predominantly remote workflows the moment lockdown hit. Audio suites, grading suites and online editing suites were all hastily set up at the homes of operators; connectivity issued quickly resolved; and virtual client sessions and approvals established. The panel discussion looks at the long-term impact of this way of working and how new hybrid workflows are being established to provide clients with some of the pre-Covid options for working within socially distanced post house office environments.

Chaired by:
Jake Bickerton, Editor, Broadcast TECH

Emma Butt, ADR Recordist and Sound Editor, Freelance
Zeb Achonu, TV/Film Editor, Freelance
Aidan Farrell, Senior Colourist & Head of Grading, The Farm Group
Olly Strous, Director of Post Production, ITN

14:00 Studio panel
How have studios coped with the sweeping changes demanded by the return to production post-lockdown? What do the new procedures for filming on-set mean for clients? How has tech helped enable these changes? How will the requirement for social distancing and the practicalities of this impact the business model of studios, coping with providing more space for fewer productions? What about audience handling post-lockdown? Will it be possible to reintroduce anything approaching sizeable audience numbers in the foreseeable future?

Chaired by:
Heather Fallon, Media Researcher, Commissioner Index

Andy Waters, Head of Studios, Dock10
Cara Sheppard, Managing Director, Twickenham Studios
John O’Callaghan, Operations Director, BBC Studioworks
Roger Morris, Managing Director, Elstree Studios

15:00 Producer panel
How did production companies adapt to survive the lockdown? With workflows transitioning to remote working incredibly quickly as soon as lockdown came into effect, how did this impact on the completion of projects, and the ability to continue production? With studio and location shoots on hold, what content was created and how did technology enable this to happen? What were the best examples of lockdown productions? Post-lockdown, how will the production industry get back on track again – are the new hybrid workflows (part office-based/part home working) now sufficiently established to enable productions to access a similar range of production, studio, location and post-production services as before the pandemic?

Chaired by:
Alice Redman, Senior Media Researcher, Commissioner Index

Chris Jones, Head of Branded Content, Electric Robin
Jan Younghusband, Head of Commissioning, Music TV, BBC Television
Erron Gordon, Series Director for GMB & Peston, ITV
Richard Frediani, Editor, BBC Breakfast

Day Two: 5G, Connectivity and the Cloud

11:00 Transitioning to the Cloud
The Covid-19 lockdown has had a radical impact on production and post-production workflows, with long-established ways of working rapidly transitioned to the new world of remote and cloud-based working. There are many positives to this approach during a pandemic and beyond, principally in having all your content easily accessible from any location, and not being tied to any particular building. It also transitions data storage and management from a capital expense to an operational expense, which offers both pros and cons and, given the rush to the cloud during lockdown, the transition may not have been handled as carefully and as well planned out as the pre-Covid days. How have content owners managed the process, what are their plans for the future, and what are the pros and cons of aiming for entirely cloud-based working?

Chaired by:
Rupert Watson, M&E Sales, Jigsaw24

Claire Feeney, Head of Content Operations, all3media international
Dan Carew-Jones, Post Production Consultant, Arrow International Media

12:00 How to put an OB truck in the cloud
Rupert Watson, M&E Sales, Jigsaw24

13:00 5G in Media and Broadcast
Hosted by Verizon Media’s Sr Director of Studios Geoffrey Goodwin, join us as members from the UK5G council discuss the impact of 5G in media broadcast and what the opportunities this creates for the industry.

Matt Stagg, Director of Mobile Strategy, BT Sport
Claire Harvey, Key Account Manager, Red Bee Media
Geoff Goodwin, Senior Director, Studios, Verizon Media

14:00 Introduction to 6G
Future look into 6G, the possibilities it offers and what the needs are for this technology.

Alan Carlton, Vice President of Labs, InterDigital


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