Future of TV

JULY 2018

Content overview

The way consumers access content is constantly changing, with programming readily accessible in appropriate forms across multiple platforms – TV, Smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, OTT, online, social media and apps. The popularity of multi-platform viewing, catch-up services, OTT services, Tivo boxes, has created very disparate viewing experiences.

Linear TV is increasingly under threat and the OTT marketplace ever more crowded, posing the question what does the future of TV look like? A number of reports from Nokia, Ericsson and Deloitte to name a few have made informed predictions about TV viewing over the next few years.

This half-day event picks up on some of these strands, looking at how content will be curated and delivered to the consumer in the near future. The event will address many issues including whether the traditional commissioning model still has a place in the TV landscape of the future, what a ‘broadcaster’ will mean and how we will assess a programme’s success or failure in a world where linear TV has been critically marginalised.

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